Your Internet Marketing Makeover – is a 1-day seminar in Dallas Texas, or a customized coaching program for business owners who want to take their online results to the next level.

Your Internet Marketing Makeover

In this program you will revamp and jumpstart the SIX core components of your internet marketing at a 1-day seminar in Dallas, or in a customized coaching program.

Your internet marketing makeover is customized especially for you and your business. It’s an ideal way to quickly put your online efforts on a new level. 


Your Internet Marketing Makeover 

Your Internet Marketing Makeover

Join us for an exciting day of learning and breakthroughs at the Your Internet Marketing Makeover seminar!

This seminar is for business owners and entrepreneurs who already have a website, a social media account, an emailing service, and a product or service – but who are not using them to their full potential.

This is NOT a Basic Training in Internet Marketing

If you are looking for internet marketing fundamentals, or you’re just getting started marketing a product or service online, this seminar is NOT for you.

Required To Attend

To get the most from this seminar, you should already have

a website
an emailing system (autoresponder)
at least 1 social media channel (even if you haven’t posted to it for a while)
a product or service

We will not be showing you how to set up any of these things. Instead, this seminar will help you improve and supercharge your existing online initiatives.

If you want to reignite the most important components of your online strategy, and take your online lead generation and sales process to the max – this 1-day seminar in Dallas is for you.

This is a 1 of a kind training designed by a top internet marketer.

It will help you take the most essential 6 elements of your internet marketing to a new level. Your Internet Marketing Makeover is packed with insider techniques that the best internet marketers are using to generate millions of dollars online.


Obtain an Internet Marketing Breakthrough

Your Internet Marketing Makeover

Over Hall and Jumpstart These 6 Drivers of Online Success. 
Imagine what your business could look like when you’ve put all six of these things on an entirely new level.

  1. Target Customer/Avatar
    Pinpoint who your target customer is and where to find them online.
    All effective marketing starts here, yet most business owners haven’t spent enough time
    learning about their target customer and what they care about.
  2. Message
    Make your core message compelling, have powerful copy, offers, and calls to action.
    Improve how you describe your products and services, what problems they solve, and
    what they do for your customers.
  3. Conversion
    Optimize your sales funnel – including upsells, downsells, FREE gifts, etc.
    Stop losing customers in the nurturing and buying process.
  4. Traffic
    Improve your traffic generating methods. Use LOW-cost and NO-cost ways to generate
    qualified leads for your business.
  5. Social Media
    Make your social media turn viewers and commenters into paying customers.
    Discover how to turn your social media into a lead generating machine.
  6. Website
    Tweak your website so it gets more inquiries, more free traffic, and better results.
    Learn the handful of changes that will make the most difference.

Plus TWO Special BONUS Modules


BONUS #1: Internet Strategy

Your Internet Marketing Makeover

Sun Tzu said “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Clarify your internet strategy and overall approach.

Get clear on your market research, differentiation. Strategy is all about focus and trade offs. What do you need to say NO to? Where will you concentrate your limited resources? How will you gain advantage? What strengths can you leverage to gain “unfair advantages”?

Because of the speed of change and technology, markets are changing faster than ever before.

A “minimum viable” approach is essential. It will allow you to quicky shift your focus when you need to so you can grab opportunities based on what your market does.



Your Internet Marketing Makeover

99% of business owners don’t know why they’re not more successful online. They often think it’s because of traffic or social media. It’s not. It’s their mindset when it comes to marketing and selling online.

Learn the essential set of assumptions, beliefs, and points of view used by the most successful internet marketers. Internet marketers look at the internet very differently than regular business owners do.

This mindset is rarely taught, but it is a requirement for lasting online success.


  • An extensive course manual
  • Every participant will receive a personal evaluation from the instructor on one aspect of their internet marketing. You may choose things like: Your website, copy, funnel, offer, pricing, message, brand, social media strategy, traffic methods, internet marketing mindset, testing, SEO, blogging, sales page, email strategy, or finding your target cutsomer online.
  • A step by step action plan you will create on site at the seminar


When and Where

This is your chance to give your internet marketing efforts a makeover and kick off some all-new habits and approaches for 2024 and beyond.

If we’re offering a live 1-day seminar in Dallas, the date will appear here. Otherwise, please inquire about doing this program as a customized coaching program on Zoom or by phone.

1 – 1 Coaching
This seminar is available as an individual coaching package that will be customized especially for you. Sessions can be held online on Zoom, or in person in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. To learn more, inquire online.



This seminar comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied that it was worth the investment of your time and money, just let us know before you leave, and we’ll refund your entire paid tuition (Less Eventbrite’s fee which is non-refundable).

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To bring this 1-day seminar to your company or inquire about doing it as a 1 on 1 coaching program, please inquire online or call 682-263-4515.

Proven Results

“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7 figure year. Your coaching has been incredibly valuable.”
Dan J. – Real Estate Consultant

“Alexander provides excellent insights of how to help more clients and generate more profits.”
Debra Arko – Business Owner

“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!
Dr. Chris Pellow – Pellow Family Chiropractic

“Your work has been quite valuable to our investment bankers. We look forward to bringing you back for more training and consulting.”
George K. Baum & Company

“This training paid for itself many times over. I rose to the top of an entire sales region with the help of your coaching. Then I rose to the #1 office in the nation. I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance.This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients.”
Duane Roberts – Senior Counselor, Bosley Medical Group

“There is always apprehension when you bring in a facilitator you have not personally worked with before. This apprehension disappeared within the first 30 seconds of your presentation. Alex, you not only energized the group with your insights on the creative process and approaching problem areas, but you also changed our whole way of viewing our business. Your practical approach to problem-solving from the general to the specific will serve us all for many years to come.”
Dave Verani – Division President, Blue Green Land & Golf Corporation

“An outstanding training for our managers. They got lots of great ideas they can use.”
Arrow Technologies

“A fantastic workshop with several great insights. Highly recommended.”
Rick Randall – Quality & Compliance Consultant

“The participants were really impressed.”
Sharon F. Reiser – The Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business