NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Dallas Texas

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Dallas


An Advanced Training 
For Becoming MASTERFUL at NLP

Why Choose THIS NLP Master Track

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in DallasThe curriculum and format of this training make it the preferred certification program in Dallas

Most NLP Master Practitioner Certification training in Dallas is crammed into 7-10 days of training with little or no spaced repetition or instructor feedback over time.

This NLP training is held on the first and third Thursday evenings of every month for SIX MONTHS. It will give you spaced repetition between sessions – a vital part of acquiring new skills.

This Bi-weekly training format is the single finest opportunity you could ever hope for when it comes to learning NLP. Virtually no other learning format like this one exists in the entire country for acquiring the skills of Master Practitioner in NLP.

When you finish THIS NLP Master Practitioner certification training in Dallas, your NLP skills will be at a level beyond anything you ever imagined.


A Unique NLP Curriculum

Plus, this Master Track includes several modules and features that are not part of ANY other Master Track anywhere in the world.

They include:

Advanced Habit Creation and Dis Creation
Advanced Positive Mental Programming using Raja Yoga
Original NLP interventions not taught anywhere else
Original Advanced State Management Patterns


What You’ll Learn at This Certification Training 

First and foremost, capture and learn to embody the real SPIRIT of NLP.

Capturing the unique attitude and way of moving through the world at the Master Practitioner level of NLP; that’s what being a Master Practitioner is all about!

A special set of patterns for embodying NLP at the Master Practitioner level are included in this training. Plus:

Create a set of Master States and begin ‘chaining states’
Take your fundamental NLP skills to a new level
Learn the structure of beliefs
Learn how to create and dis-create beliefs
Learn how to install beliefs permanently
Learn sleight-of-mouth patterns for shifting beliefs conversationally
Learn how to change beliefs
Learn to identify and work with metaprograms
Learn how to create lasting habits
Learn how to eliminate undesirable habits
Learn several advanced NLP interventions


Become Masterful Working With Beliefs

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in DallasBeliefs are generalizations about cause, meaning or boundaries.

Working directly with beliefs is to work at one of the highest levels of change possible. Our very identities are made from combinations of beliefs about ourselves.

Once you learn these techniques for working with beliefs, you will be able to create profound change for yourself and others.

Learn the two main structures of beliefs – complex equivalents and cause-effects, how to recognize each type and how to work with each structure of beliefs in detail.

How to create and dis-create beliefs at will.
How to make beliefs stable in consciousness so they’re permanent
Hearing and recognizing beliefs in people’s language.
Identifying your own unconscious beliefs.
Creating designer beliefs for specific outcomes.
Installing beliefs.
Shaping identity with beliefs.
Special ecology patterns and principles relating to beliefs.


A Master Practitioner Uses Meta Programs

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in DallasLearning how to use Meta Programs will empower your level of influence 10 fold.

This NLP Master Practitioner Certification training in Dallas also includes in-depth instruction in Meta Programs.

Meta Programs are the ways in which people organize their experience at the deepest and most unconscious level.

Learning meta programs will empower you to present your information to others in a way that matches their meta programs and thus make your products and ideas much more compelling.

How to recognize metaprograms in your own internal dialog and in other peoples language.
How to identify someone’s meta-program visually.
How to speak to others using their metaprograms
How to change and emphasize certain metaprograms.
Combining Milton Model language with metaprograms
Timelines: how to identify them, use them in change work and alter them ecologically.


Identity Level Change Patterns

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Dallas
Because our identity is built out of beliefs about ourselves, it’s not until a Master Track, that we can confidently delve into identity Level’ change work.

You’ll learn to identify what features of identity are most worth changing and how to build a new, better and more ‘designer’ identity to help achieve specific goals and ambitions.

You’ll learn the real art of identity level change; to be able to construct a new, ecological and optimum identity – and then give it a stable configuration in consciousness so it moves through time on its own.


A New Identity and Self Image

In addition, special material is included in this training for creating and stabilizing a new self-image. The importance of the self-image cannot be overstated because your self-image acts like a “thermostat” for all your accomplishments.

We cannot outperform our self-image – and if we do, it will automatically compensate and lower our accomplishments back into our ‘comfort zone’. Once you learn how to RAISE your self-image and then stabilize it at a new level . . . your performance and achievement level automatically rises to a new level and stays there.

The skilled use of the self-image is a genuine Quantum Leap intervention.


Habit Creating and Dis Creating

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Dallas

Habit creation and dis-creation is a superlative skill that few people master in their lifetime.

Another unique feature of this NLP Master Practitioner Certification training in Dallas is our focus on helping you create a new self-image and new identity in an important area of your own life.

One of the core themes of this NLP Master Practitioner Training in Dallas is the ability to create stable configurations in consciousness that moves through time. That’s a fancy way of saying ‘a habit’.

When resourceful patterns truly become easy and automatic, you’re at a whole new level.

This training will cover specific patterns for identifying what habits will serve you best, creating habits, locking in habits in so they’re truly self-generating, and how to eliminate undesirable habits.

Identify a core set of habits that empower you to live your values consistently.
how to install new habits in yourself so they’re self-generating.
The skills of dis creating undesirable habits
How to identify the unconscious and meta-level habits that may be holding you back.


Our Guarantee

If after the first training session of this training, you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll refund your entire tuition.

To inquire about this NLP Master Practitioner Certification training in Dallas please call us at 682-263-4515 or Send Us a Note.


Our Dallas NLP Training Facility

3838 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX, 75219


When: 1st & 3rd Thursday evenings
When: Beginning Jan. 2nd, 2020
How Long: For 6 months
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Where: Dallas, Texas
How Much: 6 payments of $749
Guarantee: See below
To Enroll/Inquire: 682-263-4515
or email


Your Trainer

Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren is a professional behavioral modeler, trainer, and innovator of NLP.

He has more than 22 years of experience as a trainer and teacher.

He was certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP in 1997 and is president of Dallas and the NLP & Coaching Institute of Texas. He’s trained with most of the major figures in NLP including Richard Bandler.

Van Buren is the inventor of over 200 original modeled patterns of excellence. Some of his original therapeutic interventions have been published in Anchorpoint magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic, (Crown House Publishing) and the Big Book of NLP.

Alexander has been a featured presenter for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

He is the author of This One Thing and Mastering The Mental Game.

Some of his courses are sold out over a year in advance and a few of his coaching clients travel regularly from as far as New York and the Netherlands to train with him.

Alexander has coached several salespeople to the point of taking home over 1 million dollars a year in take-home pay for the first time in their lives. Many of the techniques he uses to quantum leap sales professionals come from this training.

His executive, life coaching and seminar clients include the past general manager and senior executives of Pulte Homes (Del Web), senior executives of The Blue Green Corporation, Safelite Auto Glass, The Arrow Electronics Corporation, and the senior executives of Paramount Pictures.

He’s also provided coaching and consulting for the director of catering for the Marriott Grand Chateau, an Olympic high jumper, and famous singers and performers including the concertmaster and lead violinist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic.




What Participants Say

“Not only did Alexander do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well. He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business. He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise. His program was a real life changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Sue Paananen
Business Owner

“Alexander’s training has caused me to change my entire way of viewing human communication for the better. I learned skills, tools, and techniques I couldn’t get anywhere else before.”
Chris Cathey 

I completed my certification last July 2013 and during the class, I received comprehensive training.
It is one of the best training I’ve ever received in my career life. I highly recommend it to everyone who is serving the community: non-profit, for-profit, community-based organization, academia, etc. Also, it is good training for those who want to continuously evolve in their life,i.e.. undergoing self-transformation to become better from what they were before or those who are planning to dive into a new career. The NLP & Coaching Institute of Colorado is a great institute to be connected with.
Lynn Lonzanida, MPH CCRP.

“I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance. This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients.”
Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor, Bosley Medical Group

“This workshop was amazing. I received the entire structure of how to create a successful coaching business. Alexander is a seasoned, passionate and highly successful coach and businessman. Incredible value.”
Jeffrey Owens

“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. And I took my wife to France and we hung out with the Tour-De-France cyclists, so I guess that qualifies as the lifestyle piece. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!
Dr. Chris Pellow, Pellow Family Chiropractic“I would recommend this class to everyone, there is something for everyone.”
Betty Laxson

“Your coaching has been a measurable benefit to me from our very first call. Your information is timely, relevant, and in manageable steps that can be implemented to increase your business immediately.”
Kenny Chapman, Speaker

“A fantastic training with several great insights. Highly recommended.”
Richard Randall

“In the three sessions. . . I was impressed with your knowledge and coaching in time management. Your honest feedback and detailed explanations on being the best that I can be (my workplace, personal life, and diet) has had an immediate and positive impact. I changed my diet, and exercise which I never did before, and I can see the results in my daily routine and my energy level. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal life. Thanks again for teaching me to be a better manager, husband, father, and friend.”
Shawn Funches, Food and Beverage/Activities Manager
Marriott’s Grand Chateau, Las Vegas

“Alexander, I spoke to a group of over 200 people and I truly believe your help with my introduction and closing language was a big part in my being able to bring in over $50,000 in my 45-minute presentation!”
Scott Letourneau, CEO

“When we brought our mom to see you she’d been grieving the loss of our father for over a year. She’d cry in the middle of the day for no reason and had lost her motivation. We didn’t know what to do. It sill amazes me that you changed all that in just one session. Now she’s her old self again. How could we ever thank you?.”
Jerry and Jason Misa

“My NLP skills are literally opening doors for me that, in the past, were closed, some even locked, for so long and now, they are swinging open before I even knock. I have a new job…and now make more money than I have in the past.”
Susan Waits, Legal Assistant