Life Coach Salary in Dallas


So what can you really expect to earn as a life coach in Dallas?

Life Coach Salary in DallasThe salary a life coach earns is determined by many things. There are generally three ranges that coaches fall into.

Please note that the descriptions below are based on past coaching students and their earnings. Your results will be determined by how skilled you are at acquiring and keeping clients.

These numbers are based on creating continuity income coaching packages which is a skill taught in our Business of Life Coaching training.

We also teach a complete plan for continuously raising your salary as a life coach.

Here is a description of each level.


Salary – Level 1
$50,000 a year

life coach salary in DallasThis is where most life coaches begin.

Your goal is to attain 15 coaching clients at $297 a month. It is attainable in the first year if you know how to get clients and consistently exceed their expectations.

You’ll be doing 4 to 8 coaching sessions per week, around 2 a day. 15 clients, each paying you $297 per month for 2 coaching sessions each month, is $4,455 per month.

This income level has been attained by several of our coaching students.

It’s an annual salary of $53,460.


Salary – Level II
$100,000 a year

life coach salary in dallasThe next level salary for a life coach is usually achieved by adding some business coaching clients or workshops to the mix.

Business people pay more for coaching. It is very common for business people, small teams, real estate partners, etc. to pay $1,000 per month for coaching.

Your goal is to add 5 business coaching clients to your existing client mix. This will raise your life coach salary another $5,000 per month.

$5,000 plus your existing coaching base of $4,455 is $9,455 per month.
That’s $113,460.

You’re now in the six-figure income zone.

Total coaching hours per week are around 20 to 25.


Life Coach Salary – Level III
Over $200,000 a year

life coach salary in DallasOnce you’ve achieved level II and are earning over six figures as a life coach, the next step is to add additional related income streams to your coaching business.

They all help promote your business while adding additional income on top of it. This can become a very profitable cycle.

These income streams include:

Business Coaching
Business and executive coaching clients pay more for coaching. Your sessions may involve coaching small teams or doing 2-partner sessions.

Specialty Coaching
A life coach can charge a premium for coaching packages if he or she is an expert on certain topics. Marketing, sales or social media for example, all earn premium coaching rates. So do executive coaching, strategic planning, and many more.

Adding public speaking to your coaching business is a way to double or triple your income, and more. Professional speakers START from $2,500 per speech and often offer break out sessions and coaching for executives for an additional fee.

Speaking is also one of the BEST ways to get many more life coaching and business and executive coaching clients – and to sell products.

Often sold after speaking or to coaching clients and workshop attendees.

Workshops and Seminars
Offered to organizations, groups or to your coaching clients.


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So what’s your next step?

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