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The Entrepreneurial Edge™ is a unique, one-of-a-kind entrepreneur coaching experience with Alexander Van Buren. It is a training, coaching, and mastermind program specially designed for small business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs. 

This program uses an elegant, proven coaching process that will transform you into a true entrepreneur as you grow your business. 

The Entrepreneurial Edge will help you catalyze 5 pillars of your business: 

  1. Sales
  2. Profit
  3. Owner Effectiveness
  4. Leverage
  5. Lifestyle

This Coaching Program is Available

  • As private 1 on 1 coaching by phone or on Zoom
  • LIVE in Dallas Texas

In Texas, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings of every month from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at our training facility in Southlake Texas.

The proprietary coaching process that Alexander created has helped hundreds of small business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs break through to a new level, both personally and professionally, and begin living and experiencing their business dreams. 

Decide right now to take action this very moment, and learn more about this entrepreneur coaching program. 

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This Entrepreneur Coaching Is Different

Entrepreneur Coaching

The Entrepreneurial Edge™ is very different from any other entrepreneur training or business growth program anywhere in the world.

What makes it so different?

Alexander uses a proprietary coaching process to help you acquire strategic resources unique to you and your business and to experience the precise breakthroughs and quantum leaps you need most.

Transform Your Map Of The World
This elegant coaching process will upgrade your ‘map of the world’ to that of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Van Buren is uniquely qualified to do this as he is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner with more than 27 years of NLP teaching and coaching experience.

He’s been helping people identify and change their limiting patterns, beliefs, constraints, skillsets, use of attention, traits, frames, self-talk, comparison structure, timeline, effectiveness, self-image, assumptions, values, and identity –  for nearly 3 decades. 

Attendees have traveled from as far as the Netherlands, Singapore, and Japan to train and be in the room with Alexander in order to experience this transformational process firsthand. 

Learn And Use World-Class Modeled Strategies
In addition, this entrepreneur coaching program includes unique models and patterns that Alexander has behaviorally modeled over many years.

These unique patterns are not available in any other coaching program. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world have retained Alexander to teach these patterns to their senior executives and managers.

These modeled strategies and ways of doing things will give you a significant competitive advantage in a world where most of your competitors are using ‘best practices’.

Several people have become millionaires and multimillionaires in their own businesses from participating in this program. Others have been in the program for more than a dozen years, and continue to use it as a catalyst for greater and greater success both personally and professionally.


Entrepreneur Coaching Curriculum

Entrepreneur Coaching

Here are some of the main themes and modules in this entrepreneur coaching program:

30-Day Satisfaction GUARANTEE
Enroll and experience this entrepreneur coaching program for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied just let us know and you will not be required to continue in the program.

A customized individual Resource Matrix
Alexander will custom design for you a template of resources that is unique to you and your business. It will consist of the pinpointed set of resources, breakthrough patterns, quantum leap strategies and other resources that will make the biggest difference for you when it comes to accomplishing your goals and living your dream as an entrepreneur.

Uptime Excitare™
Alexander’s proprietary coaching process. “Excitare” is Latin for ‘to wake up, to excite’. It is an elegant process that up-levels a person’s map of the world in the precise places that will make the biggest difference for them.

Development of Specific Entrepreneur Traits
Acquire the most vital core traits that propel genuine entrepreneurship. These traits have been behaviorally modeled from exceptionally successful entrepreneurs. They are not listed in many books and when they are the traits listed are often ridiculous and inaccurate.

So what are some of the real traits that are absolutely necessary to be an amazing entrepreneur and business owner?  Here are some examples:

  Entrepreneurs are not proactive.
They are proactive TO THE EXTREME. There’s a big difference between the two.

  Entrepreneurs do not “acquire resources”.
They MOBILIZE resources in such a way as to utilize them as needed.

  Entrepreneurs do not recognize opportunities.
They OBSESS about identifying and capturing the right opportunities.

  Entrepreneurs do not act on opportunities.
They DOMINO opportunities to the max; multiply them exponentially, and take them into the stratosphere.

You are not likely to find a single book in a hundred on the subject of entrepreneurship that gets these traits right. That includes college textbooks written by big-wig professors with lots of letters after their names.

In other words, they don’t even know what the real traits are much less how they are actually acquired and developed. They resort to repeating the same old used-up, worn-out list of ‘what it takes to be an entrepreneur’ bunk.

New Language & A New Story
A senior executive of a land development company generating over 150 million a year in sales once introduced Alexander to his sales team this way: “I always know when Alexander is in the room because my language starts changing.” 

Join this program and your language will change guaranteed. Why is this so important? Because you won’t get to where you want to go using the same language you’re currently using.

You can’t keep telling the same old story to yourself and others and expect your reality to be different. A better future requires that you begin using new ways to label things, frame things, explain things, and assume things whenever you talk to yourself and others.

No new language, no transformation. Why is this so? For the record, your ‘world’ doesn’t exist first and then you find yourself describing it. Although it may seem that way, it’s actually the other way around.

You are describing the world to yourself and others, and then the world is responding to your description by creating what you’ve been describing.

You are perpetually manifesting your description of the world. And this doesn’t just apply to “the world”. It applies to you personally and is determining what’s possible for you, what you’re capable of doing, how well you learn and improve, how much you earn, how much of your inner genius you can tap, and how much you can achieve and give to others.

Belief Change Processes & Patterns
A belief is a feeling of certainty. Find out which specific beliefs are holding you back the most. They are most certainly out of your conscious awareness. Learn elegant processes for changing your limiting beliefs and creating new important beliefs that empower you as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Entrepreneur coaching for adding a set of specific beliefs that will most empower you as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Modeled Strategies & Patterns
Alexander is a trained behavioral modeler and has behaviorally modeled more than 170 unique strategies and patterns from world-class executives, athletes, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Identity Expansion Processes & Patterns
Expand your identity to create a greater concept of yourself as an entrepreneur.

Improve the process you use to create more and more value for your clients and prospective clients. Increase your Front End, Middle, and Back End offerings.

Online Product Funnels
Build more effective conversion architecture into your website and online touchpoints resulting in greater conversion from crafted click-through sequences.

Leverage is getting more and more done with less and less. Attain a completely new level of mental, financial, relationship, time, and systems leverage.

Learn a world-class way of delegating that was behaviorally modeled from a senior executive at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

People & Team
Begin doing extraordinary things in the way you create, manage and lead your team.

Capturing and Maximizing More Opportunities
Identifying and acting on opportunities is the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. Learn how to be aware of more opportunities and decide which ones to act on.

Wealth Attraction Magnates & Millionaire Mindset
Learn how to activate Wealth Attraction Magnates that automatically attract wealth and opportunity.

A vital part of changing yourself into a greater business person and entrepreneur is to create a new self-image. Discover a proven way to construct a positive new self-image that automatically gets better and better on its own as you move through time.

Entrepreneurial Skills & Capabilities 
Identify the precise skills you need to improve and develop to put your company on a new level. Then learn how to use deliberate practice to get much better at those skills that will make the biggest difference for you.

Mobilizing Resources
The ability to mobilize resources is one of the true characteristics of great entrepreneurship. Learn how to acquire, control, and utilize more and better resources than ever before. Get the money, the people, the systems, the knowledge, the information, the technology, and any other resource you need to get where you want to go.

Your Personal Constraint
Identify your personal constraint and focus resources on it in such a way that it no longer holds you back.

Your Business’ Constraint
Identify the constraint in your business and discover how to concentrate resources on it in such a way that it no longer holds your enterprise back.

Time Patterns
Learn patterns of extreme productivity, effectiveness, clarity, and focus.

Dream Lifestyle & Work/Life Balance
Structure your business so it creates your dream lifestyle for you and your family.

Accelerated Learning & Improvement Patterns
Learn how to get better faster and implement accelerated learning into your daily routine and company culture.

Business Growth
Increase the automation and scaling of your business. Turn your business into a true asset by making it run in such a way that it does not require your presence to run well, generate sales, or produce profits.


Inquire About This Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching With Alexander Van Buren

Decide right now to take action this very moment, and learn more about this entrepreneur coaching program:

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Thrive In the New Economy

Entrepreneur Coaching

In addition to the above themes, special modules are also included for ensuring that your business thrives and prospers in the New Economy. These strategies are ways to capture unique opportunities that are presenting themselves and to protect yourself and your business in the face of inflation and recession.

New methodologies and ways of thinking and responding are essential in the face of more rapid change and uncertain times.

Alexander started one of his most successful companies the day after the stock market crashed in 2008. These strategies come directly from his experience of creating a successful, growing, profitable business right in the middle of an economic recession.

Protect Your Company
Create the safeguards you need to minimize the dangers of economic disasters, panic, and world crises. Learn techniques for using inflation to your advantage so you always have a way to win no matter what happens in the economy. Remember: Some people got RICH during the depression.

Know The Key Industries
Certain industries will be more prosperous than others at certain times. Discover which industries, markets, and niches thrive during a recession and how to make the most of this information.

Price To Win During Inflation
One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is incorrectly pricing their products and services during inflation. They often think they have no choice but to lower their prices.  Learn how to implement a pricing strategy that actually increases your sales and profits when others are pinching pennies.

Learn Contrarian Thinking
To thrive through a recession, you have to stop thinking and acting like the vast majority of people. An entirely new way of thinking is critical. Acquire contrarian thinking patterns that will insulate you from negativity and give you a huge strategic advantage.

Capture Down-Turn Opportunities
A recession creates rare opportunities like no other time in history. Learn how to recognize and take advantage of them.  Discover a specific process for finding those few once-in-a-lifetime chances to be on the receiving end of the coming “massive shift of wealth”.

Capture Wallet Share
People spend less and cut back in a recession. But they still spend money. Learn how to design your products and services and position your business so customers choose you and your company even when times are bad.

Customized New Economy Template
A customized plan for thriving and prospering in the face of the coming recession, inflation, and uncertain economic times. This plan may include ways to re-position your business, products, and services.  New pricing and lead generation strategies may also be essential. It also includes the specific ways you need to think and act differently than ever before as you enter the coming decade and beyond.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Decide right now to take action this very moment, and learn more about this entrepreneur coaching program:

  Receive a FREE Information Kit 
nquire about 1 on 1 entrepreneur coaching – Send Us A Note


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Entrepreneur Coaching with Alexander  Van Buren
Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren is an entrepreneur coach, consultant, speaker, and author. He’s based in Dallas, Texas, and has been a business owner and entrepreneur for more than 30 years.

He has started 8 different successful businesses in multiple industries.

Alexander’s unique combination of business savvy and NLP behavioral modeling makes him a veritable goldmine of resources and techniques for business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales professionals.

After spending 2 years learning how to ‘model something’ with NLP, Alexander conducted his first behavioral modeling project in 1997.

Determined to elicit the structure of creativity in detail, he read Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks every single day for two years while eliciting Walt Disney’s actual creative process and studying Peter Drucker’s concepts on innovation.

The project loosed a flood of creative ideas. He has conducted formal ongoing behavioral modeling projects ever since. Over the next several years he elicited and created over 170 original patterns of excellence and models.

Applying what he’d learned from his modeling projects, he decided to grow one of his companies in April of 2008, right at the start of the economic recession. The business grew from a dining room table to five employees in less than 2 years. He then leveraged out of the company by automating all its processes.

Alexander has been a featured presenter at the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

In 2002 he was hired by the Bluegreen Land & Golf Corporation to behaviorally model their top salespeople and referral-getters. Some of their salespeople went on to earn over a million dollars a year in take-home commission for the first time in the company’s history.

In 2014 he was retained to model senior investment bankers for George K. Baum & Company and teach the model to a group of hand-picked, up-and-coming investment bankers.

His clients include numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs and larger companies including Toshiba, Humana, Polte/Del Web, Bluegreen Land & Golf Corporation, The Army Corps of Engineers, The Nevada Regional Transportation Commission, Paramount Home Entertainment, Sinclaire Broadcasting – CWTV, Arrow Electronics, The Iowa National Guard, Safelite Auto Glass and hundreds more.



Entrepreneur Coaching
“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies, I am having my first 7-figure year. Your coaching has been incredibly valuable.”Dan J.



Entrepreneur Coaching
“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. And I took my wife to France and we hung out with the Tour-De-France cyclists, so I guess that qualifies as the lifestyle piece. That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!”

Dr. Chris Pellow, Pellow Family Chiropractic



“Not only did Alexander do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well. He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business. He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise. His program was a real life-changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Sue P. New Business Owner



“Alexander has been a huge help in getting me started the right way. His techniques have already got me significant bookings that have far exceeded my goals. I purchased his coaching package three times in a row because it paid for itself every time I did it. His attention to detail in all aspects: from intricate speech writing to advanced marketing, these are exactly the insights for which I was looking. With so much more to learn, I know I’m in the right place.”

Steve Sax, World Champion Baseball Player & Motivational Speaker



“Toshiba is the world’s 17th largest corporation…thank you for helping to ensure a highly successful national sales meeting. The combination of unique intrigue, pure entertainment, and meaningful insights into one another, helped us achieve a level of professional bonding like never before.”

David Ujita, Director of Marketing Communications, Toshiba America



Entrepreneur Coaching
I have been working with him for a year now, and I have been able to change completely. Today, I am much more who I want to be, and can do more than I have ever been able to achieve before.

Susan Brown, Day Trader & Futures Trader



“This was one of the best pieces of training we’ve ever had on time management. They were blown away.”

Safelite Auto Glass



“The participants were really impressed.”

Sharon F. Reiser, The Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business



“In the three sessions. . . I was impressed with your knowledge and coaching in time management. Your honest feedback and detailed explanations on being the best that I can be (my work place, personal life and diet) has had an immediate and positive impact.

I changed my diet, and exercise which I never did before, and I can see the results in my daily routine and my energy level. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal life.

Thanks again for teaching me to be a better manager, husband, father, and friend.”

Shawn Funches, Food & Beverage Activities Manager, Marriott’s Grand Chateau



“There is always apprehension when you bring in a facilitator you have not personally worked with before. This apprehension disappeared within the first 30 seconds of your presentation.

Alex, you not only energized the group with your insights on the creative process and approaching problem areas, but you also changed our whole way of viewing our business.

Your practical approach to problem-solving from the general to the specific will serve us all for many years to come.”

Dave Verani, Division President, Blue Green Land & Golf Corporation



“The communication session was . . . WOW!. And we are still using the 5-5-5- sales process.”

CW – TV, Sinclair Broadcasting Corp.