Becoming a Life Coach In Dallas, TX

Are you interested in becoming a life coach in Dallas, TX?

Becoming a life coach in Dallas, TX is one of the most empowering career decisions you could ever make.  When you are a life coach you are paid to help other people to make their dreams come true.

The steps to becoming a life coach are simple:

  1. Attend a high-quality training to get the coaching skills you need
  2. Set up your life coaching business and get your first few clients
  3. Learn how to market and promote your new coaching business

After you’ve completed these three core steps, continue to improve them.  Invest in additional training to improve your coaching skills. They are the foundation that everything else rests on. Improve your small business skills, organization, record keeping, etc. And of course, continue to improve your ability to get new clients and exceed their expectations.

These three steps are the key to being a successful and profitable life coach.


Becoming a Life Coach in Dallas, TX

Becoming a Life Coach in Dallas, TX

Get the Coaching Skills You Need AND Learn How To Get Your First Clients

Our 3-day Life Coach Certification Training in Dallas will teach you a highly effective 7-step coaching process. You will be able to help others get breakthroughs and create positive change.

In addition, on day three of this training, you will learn how to set up your new business and get your first few clients.

This is one of the finest methods for becoming a Life Coach in Dallas, TX.

We also offer ongoing support for your certified life coaches here in Dallas. Additional programs for learning and applying therapeutic change patterns, and for marketing a life coaching business are available.



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What Participants Say


“I learned transformational techniques on how to use language to enhance every area of my life. The demonstrations added so much value to my learning experience. This training will help anyone who wants to change their life or the lives of others through change.”
Rosaland Revels

“I learned so much about how emotions can change a situation as well as how powerful language is. I am leaving this training feeling empowered and can’t wait to empower others.”
Natalie Evans

Life Coach Certification Dallas

“My life coaching training has not only transformed my life, it will surely make a difference in the lives of everybody I have the opportunity to be of service to.”
Cindy Jacobs

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