About Us


DallasSeminars.com is a training and development company based in Dallas, Texas. We’re a division of Skill Builder Seminars LLC, a privately held company based in Texas.

We offer unique 1-of-a-kind trainings, consulting packages, and masterminds for business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, executives, and senior managers.

Our mission is to provide world-class strategies for personal and professional quantum leaps. 



What Makes Us Different

Our curriculums are different than those of any other seminar or training organization anywhere in the world.

The insights and formulas they impart are built from extensive behavioral modeling projects. 

Behavioral modeling is the art and science of eliciting the precise structure of any form of excellence in detail so it can be reproduced at will. 

We’ve modeled extraordinary executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and athletes and bring their winning formulas to our seminar attendees and coaching students.

Some of our most popular trainings include:  

  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Communication skills
  • NLP
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Sales
  • Speaking with power and influence 
  • Starting and running a small business
  • Project management
  • Business Growth

We have a unique series of programs and resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 



Our Team

Public speaking seminar in DallasOur team is a hand-picked group of the best trainers and coaches in the greater Dallas Texas area.

We have more than 3,000 speakers and trainers in our database nationwide and continue to hand-pick the best in their fields and add them to our roster of professionals and go-to experts.

Some of our select speakers and trainers can be seen at AlexanderSpeakersBureau.com.



President, Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren is the president of Skill Builder Seminars and owner of DallasSeminars.com. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, author, and one of the world’s foremost behavioral modelers. 

Alexander’s unique combination of business savvy and NLP behavioral modeling make him a veritable goldmine of resources for business owners and entrepreneurs.

After spending 2 years learning how to ‘model something’ with NLP, Alexander conducted his first behavioral modeling project in 1997. Determined to elicit the structure of creativity in detail, he read Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks every single day for two years while eliciting Walt Disney’s actual creative process and studying Peter Drucker’s concepts on innovation.

The project loosed a flood of creative ideas. He has conducted formal ongoing behavioral modeling projects ever since. Over the next several years he elicited and created more than 170 original patterns of excellence and models.

He’s modeled the delegation strategy of a senior executive at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the marketing secrets of famous internet marketers, the comeback pattern of Andre Agassi, the mental toughness of Navy Seals and world-class athletes, the communication techniques of top investment bankers, the methods of salespeople earning over $600,000 a year in take-home pay, and many more.

Applying what he’d learned from his modeling projects, he decided to grow one of his companies in April of 2008, right at the start of the economic recession. The business grew from a dining room table to five employees in less than 2 years. He then leveraged out of the company by automating all its processes. The passive income from his business-turned-asset made him financially free.

Van Buren has completed16 feasibility studies and launched 8 successful businesses.

Alexander has been a featured presenter at the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

In 2002 he was hired by the Bluegreen Land & Golf Corporation to behaviorally model their top salespeople and referral-getters. Some of their salespeople went on to earn over a million dollars a year in take-home commission for the first time in the company’s history.

In 2014 he was retained to model senior investment bankers for George K. Baum & Company, and teach the model to a group of hand-picked, up-and-coming investment bankers.

His clients include numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs and larger companies including Toshiba, Humana, Polte/Del Web, Bluegreen Land & Golf Corporation, The Army Corps of Engineers, The Nevada Regional Transportation Commission, Paramount Home Entertainment, Sinclaire Broadcasting – CWTV, Arrow Electronics, The Iowa National Guard, Safelite Auto Glass and hundreds more.

You can learn more about Alexander and his trainings, consulting packages, online courses, and behavioral modeling projects at his website AlexanderVanBuren.com