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Seminars, Training and Coaching in Dallas Texas

Seminars In Dallas Texas

Calendar - 2011


July 2011

Introduction to NLP - July 7 - $297 per person
Time Management - July 8 - $199 per person
Business Growth - July 9 - $397 per person


August 2011

Become A Speaker - 26, 27, 28 - $997 per person

September 2011

Critical Thinking - September 22 - $297 per person


October 2011

Presentation Skills - October 14 - $299 per person
Time Management - October 15 - $199 per person


November 2011

Sales Training - November 18, 19, 20 - $795 per person


December 2011






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Launch a Business

Launch a Business is a special business training or coaching package especially designed to help NEW business owners
set up their sales, marketing and profit making systems!
Launch a Business


The Motivational Edge
This seminar is one of the most fun, life changing experiences you could ever have in Dallas!! Learn the actual techniques that world class athletes, artists and business people use to acquire the mental abilities of a champion!
Where: Dallas, TX
The Motivational Edge


Basics of NLP
The Secret of Resourcefulness
Learn some of the most effective techniques for personal & professional change ever devised in this three day personal improvement seminar.
Where: Dallas, TX
Basics of NLP

Dallas Sales Training
This unique sales training will teach you a special set of skills that quantum leap the ability to sell. Past students of this training have risen to the top of regional and national sales forces.
Sales Training


Communication Training
These communication skills workshops are packed with techniques for improving team work, productivity and over all communication skills for individuals or teams.
Communication Trainings

Critical Thinking
This unique training will teach you the essential patterns for thinking critically and resourcefully.
Critical Thinking

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