Self Help Seminars in Dallas Texas


Here is an overview of our self help seminars in Dallas.

FREE Self Help Workshops

Free Self Help Workshops in Dallas
Join us once a month for a FREE evening workshop.

If you like self help, personal development and self improvement, you'll love these workshops.

We have regular presentations and discussions on the best topics including Visualization, NLP,
Self Talk & Affirmations, Positive Mental Attitude, Manifesting, Abundance & Prosperity, Mindfulness,
Self Hypnosis, Self Actualization and many more.

Join us if you love to be around fun, friendly and positive people and be in a community that is dedicated to the art of achieving your goals
and dreams and creating an extraordinary life in Texas.

Self Help Workshops in Dallas


The Business Breakthrough Workshop

Business Breakthrough Workshop
At this one day training, you'll learn to revive that original passion you had for your business when you started it.

Clarify your business vision and get motivated to take your business, your lifestyle and your profits to the next level.

You'll also learn specific ways to improve your marketing and sales. Apply self help and personal development
principles to ge the most out of your business.

For more information click on Business Breakthrough Workshop.




The Fundamentals of NLP

The Fundamentals of NLP in Dallas Texas
This one day workshop will introduce you to NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming.

NLP is one of the most powerful self help methodologies of our time.

Learn what NLP is, why it's so effective and how you can use it to achieve your goals and
dreams more quickly and easily.

This workshop includes demonstrations of NLP and self help techniques you can begin using immediately
to improve any area of your life.

For more information click on Fundamentals of NLP Workshop


Life Coaching Career Workshop

Life Coaching Workshop
This 3-hour evening workshop is for you if you are considering being Certified as a Life Coach.

Learn life coaching techniques, experience life coaching and determine if a career as a
life coach is right for you.

This workshop includes demonstrations of NLP and life coaching techniques you can
begin using immediately to improve any area of your life.

For more information click on An Evening of Life Coaching Workshop



NLP Practitioner Certification & Quantum Leap Coaching Program

NLP Practitioner Certification Training in Dallas

Learn The Core Skills of NLP and Receive Regular Personal Development Coaching in this
One Of a Kind
Training & Coaching Program in Dallas.

The NLP Practitioner & Quantum Leap Coaching program is a unique one year
coaching and training program.

The program consists of a state of the art NLP Practitioner Certification Training with
Life Coach Certification - plus regular customized Personal Development Coaching.

Virtually no other NLP training in America gives you this much training, self help resources and
coaching for such a reasonable investment.

This is our 19th year of teaching this training. It is a proven program that will help you experience genuine self-transformation.

NLP Practitioner Certification & Quantum Leap Coaching Program



Become a Better Communicator

Help Improve Your Relationships at this One Day SeminarIt's been shown that the #1 reason people under-perform at their jobs is because
of a lack of interpersonal relationship skills.

Many employers consider this skill the MOST important quality they look for when
hiring new people and when promoting people to higher level positions.

Becoming a better communicator is more essential now, than ever before.

This one day self help seminar will provide you with life-long benefits like:

Improved personal relationships
Increased cooperation
A better working relationship with your boss
Superior performance from teams & groups
More trust and understanding
Greater support from colleagues
The elimination of needless misunderstandings
Genuine respect

Become a Better Communicator