Relationship Coach

The Art of Creating Better Relationships, Improving Communication Skills
& Resolving Relationship Difficulties

In Person, Over The Phone and in Workshops & Seminars

My Coaching Experience & My Background

Relationship Coach
My name is Alexander Van Buren
and I've been a relationship coach
for more than 22 years. I work with
individuals, couples, groups and teams.

In 1997 I was certified as a
Master Practitioner in NLP,
Neuro-linguistic Programming
and that is the primary model
I use to help people create positive change.

I have taught interpersonal relationship skills for more than
19 years on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, helping hundreds
of people transform their relationships for the better.


A Goldmine of Positive Resources

NLP is a veritable goldmine of resources, methods and
techniques for improving rapport, trust, cooperation,
communication and interpersonal relationships.

Here are more than 25 therapeutic patterns I have been
using for many years to help people improve the quality
of their relationships --> NLP Coaching Change Patterns

I am the owner of and regularly
lead seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.
Many of them are about improving interpersonal
relationship skills.


What You Can Expect in Relationship Coaching

Our first step is to determine if I can
help you and be a good resource for you.

If you make an online inquiry and
describe your situation to me, I will
read it carefully and email you with
some thoughts and ideas - and let
you know if I feel I can help.

There is no charge for this service.


What is Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationships tend to have several aspects
that are always apparent in one way or another.
Here are seven traits that can be developed and
improved with the help of a relationship coach.

1. Effective Communication
In good relationships, things are communicated
and talked about rather than being held back and
kept in. In addition, each partner listens to and
values what the other person is experiencing and
has to say.

2. Honesty & Trust
Trust is earned by demonstrating honesty and
integrity. Doing what you say you'll do, and
keeping your word increase trust naturally.
Your partner's experiences, thoughts and
feelings have value - so making time to listen
and acknowledge what your partner is
experiencing is important.

3. Respect
Respect is having admiration or regard for
another person. To build respect in a relationship,
find out what makes the other person feel respected
and what makes them feel disrespected. People
in healthy relationships care about making the
other person, or the group feel respected.
As a result, they often receive higher respect in return.

4. Appreciation
People in healthy relationships appreciate the
other party and make it known. Gestures and
words of appreciation that are genuine and
authentic are one of the marks of a healthy

5. Win/Win
Healthy relationship is a 'win' for both parties.
People in successful relationships often
negotiate what is best for both people or for
the group, rather than just thinking about

6. Commitment
In healthy long term relationships both parties
are committed to the relationship, and to
growing and nurturing it. The relationship
itself is considered to be something of
great valuable.

7. Learning & Improvement
Spend time with people who are in a healthy
relationship and you'll notice that they are
learning about themselves, about each other
and about the relationship itself. This is true
for 'business' relationships and for 'personal'
relationships as well.


My Model For Helping People

My coaching utilizes a model known as NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming.

NLP is an exceptional resource for improving relationships.

What is NLP and why is it so effective?

NLP is considered by many people to be the single
most powerful and effective methodology for creating
positive change in a generation. NLP is: Ecological,
Positive, Outcome Oriented, Supportive, and Works Quickly.

A Compassionate & Respectful Approach
The NLP coaching model is the very opposite of the
Dr. Phil "in your face" approach. It meets you where
you are, helps to clarify outcomes and issues and will
show you how to make immediate progress. All in a
highly elegant and flexible manner.

Here is some more information about NLP --> Life Coaching Change Patterns

Rates and Fees

My rates vary depending on the coaching format that
you choose.

I offer phone coaching, in person coaching and

For a specific quote, please fill out this
Quick Relationship Coaching Inquiry.


What Clients Say

"I am so much more enlightened
and have become a better
communicator with your guidance.

This course has been significantly
helpful in working with prospective patients."
Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor
Bosley Medical Group


"Alexander's NLP training has caused me to change my entire way of viewing human communication for the better. I learned skills, tools and techniques I couldn't get any where else before."
Chris Cathey, Communications Student 

"When we brought our mom to see you she'd been grieving the loss of our father for over a year. She would cry in the middle of the day for no reason and had lost her motivation. We didn't know what to do. It sill amazes me that you changed all that in just one session. Now she's her old self again. How could we ever thank you."
Jerry and Jason Misa

"A year ago, I would have never believed I could make the changes I have Not only do I have the confidence to do it, but I really did it. Alexander's Master Practitioner Training gave me the tools to effectively change from 21 years of auto repair to the exciting field of real estate."
Robert Conz, Realtor, March 26, 2002

"My NLP skills are literally opening doors for me that, in the past, were closed, some even locked, for so long and now, they are swinging open before I even knock. I have a new job and now make more money than I have in the past."
Susan Waits, Legal Assistant

Sue Paananen
"In Alexander's program, not only did he do a phenomenal job in teaching me many concepts that will greatly improve my business, but he went beyond helping me with my business into teaching me how to thrive in my life balance as well.

He made sure I understood to balance everything important to me, such as making time for my health, family, and leisure time, so that I could be more balanced in my life and not stressed out with overworking myself with my business.

He inspired me to take many actions to improve both my business and the quality of my life that I would have been ignorant or hesitant to take otherwise.

His program was a real life changer for me. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

Sue Paananen
Internet Marketing Consultant


What Is Relationship Coaching

What Is Relationship Coaching?
Relationship coaching is a way to deal with relationship issues, problems or difficulties. It is also a way to maintain and improve healthy relationships.

Another part of relationship coaching is starting new relationships and/or changing the nature of existing relationships.

It's useful to think of this coaching as consisting of two parts.

First, resolving specific relationship issues and replacing negative patterns with more positive and constructive ones.

The result is that the people in the relationship feel more respected, heard and experience more trust and willingness to cooperate. When specific issues are resolved, the relationship can get onto more positive ground.

The second part of relationship coaching is skill building. This means improving communication and interpersonal relationship skills.


Issues I Can Help You With

I generally assist people in four key areas of relationship:

1. Starting new relationships - including friendships and dating
2. Healing relationships
3. Improving, maintaining and optimizing relationships
4. Ending or changing the nature of relationships

As a relationship coach I can help you with these issues:

Resolving Standoffs & Misunderstandings
There are many very effective ways to resolve issues, increase trust and rapport and increase understanding.

Having More Confidence With People
I teach a specific set of patterns for being more confident when approaching people you don't know, networking more comfortably, conversing comfortably and leaving a good impression with others.

Improving Communication & Communication Skills
Improving the communication patterns in a relationship is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve the relationship itself.

Relationships At Work
I can help you improve your relationships with colleagues - including the boss. Earn more respect, clarify misunderstandings and learn specific patterns to use when interacting in a professional environment.

Friendship Issues
When friendships become strained, confusing or painful, coaching can often help to clarify the situation and help get the relationship back to positive ground.

Dealing With Difficult Personality Types
Ways to deal with difficult personality types are covered in my one day seminar on Becoming a Better Communicator. They are also available in phone coaching and in person coaching sessions.

Emotional Pain, Loss or Grief
NLP patterns for state management and for removing the pain of grief/loss create deep and lasting emotional healing. It is essential to maintain positive resourceful emotional states in order for healthy relationship to exist.


Issues I cannot Help You With

Depression or suicide
Domestic violence, rape, incest issues
Domestic abuse or child abuse issues
Drug abuse or related issues or addictions
Physical pain or medical issues
Stalking issues


Which Format Works Best For You?

Sessions Over the Phone

Phone coaching sessions are very effective. They are often more affordable than in person sessions. They also same a lot of time.

Sessions are usually one hour in length and may include handouts, exercises and assignments.

In Person Sessions

I offer relationship coaching sessions in person at our office in Dallas Texas.
The sessions are held in our conference room.

Workshops and Seminars in Dallas

These workshops and seminars are a great way to improve and transform your relationships by practicing specific interpersonal relationship patterns and communication skills.

Personal Development Workshops
These personal development and NLP workshops will teach you several techniques for improving your relationships and communication.

Become A Better Communicator - A One Day Seminar
This one day seminar in Dallas is a great way to improve your interpersonal relationship ability and your communication skills.

NLP & Quantum Leap Coaching
This is a state of the art NLP training program with extensive personal development coaching included. Group exercises, handouts and assignments are all included.


What Clients Say

"The coaching and consulting
has been extremely valuable for me and our organization."

Tom Tuozzolo
Vice President
Moretrench Corporation



"In the three sessions. . . I was impressed with your knowledge and coaching in time management. Your honest feed back and detailed explanations on being the best that I can be (my work place, personal life and diet) has had an immediate and positive impact.

I changed my diet, and exercise which I never did before, and I can see the results in my daily routine and my energy level. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal life.

Thanks again for teaching me to be a better manager, husband, father and friend."

Shawn Funches
Food and Beverage/Activities Manager - Marriott's Grand Chateau


"The communication segment was "Wow"!

The communication patterning will help me become a better sales person and manager.

These patterns will help me economize the interaction between our people and clients. I will use all the information. My USP will become effective immediately!"
Pat Miller, Sinclair Broadcasting
The CW Dallas & My LV TV


"Toshiba is the world's 17th largest corporation...thank you for helping to ensure a highly successful national sales meeting.

The combination of unique intrigue, pure entertainment, and meaningful insights into one another, helped us achieve a level of professional bonding like never before."

David Ujita
Director of Marketing Communications
Toshiba America


"There is always apprehension when you bring in a facilitator you have not personally worked with before. This apprehension disappeared within the first 30 seconds of your presentation.

Alex, you not only energized the group with your insights on the creative process and approaching problem areas, you changed our whole way of viewing our business.

Your practical approach to problem solving from the general to the specific will serve us all for many years to come."

David P. Verani
Division President
Bluegreen Land And Golf Corporation


What To Do Next

To help me determine if I can be a good resource to you
as a relationshiop coach, please fill out this quick online form.

Relationship Coaching Inquiry Form

Or send me a note.

All information you provide will be considered strictly
private and confidential and is for my eyes only.

Once I look it over, I will email you and let you know
if I feel I can be of service to you. If so, I will likely make
some recommendations for how we can proceed.

There is no charge for this service.