Negotiating Skills Training

A 1 Day Seminar in Dallas

Negotiation Skills Training and Seminar in Dallas
Practice negotiating all day long in this FUN, one day action packed workshop for taking your negotiating skills to the max!

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Where: Our training facility in Dallas
How Much: $297 per person
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Overview of This Training

Negotiation Skills BasicsThis is a one day 7-hour seminar
on negotiation skills. Half day
formats are available for groups
and teams.

This training is a fun, one day
action packed workshop for practicing your negotiating
skills and taking them to the max! Improve your
preparation, tactics and bargaining abilities and
come away from negotiations with win-win outcomes.

75% of this day you'll spend actually practicing new
techniques with fellow attendees. In non- stop round
robin style action, you'll be introduced to a new principle
or tactic of effective negotiating, then switch partners to
practice it on someone new! Then get ideas and
suggestions from your instructor on how to improve
each technique.

You will expand and improve your negotiating repertoire
10 fold in this seminar and warmed up your negotiation
muscles from this day of immersion.

You'll be practicing new negotiating techniques and
the specific language (both verbal and non-verbal)
that helps you do them well.

By the end of the day you'll have spent hours upon
hours honing your negotiating skills by practicing
them all day long.


Winning Preparation

Preparing to negotiateKnowing how to prepare for
an upcoming negotiation is
absolutely essential.

Most people don't prepare well
enough and as a result, they do
not tap their negotiation potential.

Many negotiations are won or lost
before the two parties even come
together - when both sides are preparing.

This section will teach you a number of ways to
prepare quickly and thoroughly for any negotiation
you'll ever take part in.

Most importantly, you'll learn and practice a set of
techniques for high level negotiating. You'll learn
how to quickly and effectively set your aspiration
level, determining your concessions and your
non-negotiable's, and more - all in advance.

The 5 steps for planning every negotiation

Your aspiration level, how to set it, and how to raise it

Prioritizing what you want from the negotiation

Creating lower value concessions

How to learn about the other party and what to learn

Your bottom line

Identify key personality types and negotiation styles

How to choose and set your strategy

How to determine your non-negotiable's

The space and the setting - good and bad

Establishing criteria for both your side and their side

Find your own way to have more fun negotiating


Tactics and Counter Tactics part IV

Making long term relationships happen

Dealing with last minute hitches

Tactics to watch out for

How to make sure you have a good deal for both parties

How to come to terms

How to get better from every negotiation you take part in

Asking for more

Punishment power

Body language - how to be congruent and incongruent

How to get your self to negotiate a lot more often


The Core Elements of Successful Negotiating

Learn the core elements of negotiatingThe first essential set of distinctions that will take your negotiating skills to a new level are the core fundamentals.

This module will help you get your head right, and set your self up mentally and psychologically for upcoming negotiations.

Learn the 3 rules that guide every negotiation

The scope of negotiations and why it's so important

How to have power in every negotiation you ever do

Learn the basic principles of power

What to never assume in any negotiating situation

The most important thing to know in EVERY negotiation

The stages of negotiating and how to recognize them

The 7 requirements for becoming a good negotiator

The #1 way to get more from EVERY negotiation

How to use logic AND instincts to get good deals

The most common mistakes and how to avoid them


Tactics and Counter Tactics part I

Negotiation TacticsYou'll learn and practice the first core set of negotiating tactics, how to do them and how to counter them, in this module.

Discover how to use time to your advantage, how to make concessions and help the other party to help you!

Knowing these techniques, how to use them, how to recognize them and how to respond to them is crucial for effective negotiating.

How to use the buyer to help you


More ways to use time

How to make concessions

What is nibbling - how to do it and counter it

Good-guy / bad-guy

How to NEVER take the first offer

Smart/dumb and the walk away

Asking for trade offs

Using the power of brinkmanship

The fine art of flinching


Tactics and Counter Tactics Part III

How to use the buyer to help you


More ways to use time

How to make concessions

What is nibbling - how to do it and counter it

Good-guy / bad-guy

How to NEVER take the first offer


Asking for trade offs

Withdrawing offers, accepting easily

Decoys and red herrings


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