Get Motivated at . . . The Motivational Edge Seminar

A Two Day Transformational Personal Development Seminar in Dallas Texas

This 2 Day Seminar Is Packed
With Positive Success Conditioning

And Will Help You to Be Inspired, Get Motivated and Take More Action . . . Guaranteed!


Get Motivated at this two day seminar in Dallas Texas

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Personal Development Seminar in Dallas Texas

This program is one of the most fun,
life changing experiences you could
ever have in Dallas!

Most of us know that success is largely
a mental game. With the right attitude
and the correct combination of focus,
confidence, self esteem, motivation
and skill - you can make miracles

This training will teach you how to condition and motivated
yourself for greater success by learning how to positively
program your own subconscious mind like an expert.



This Seminar Is For You If

The Motivational Edge is a Personal Development Seminar in Dallas This training will teach you how to
get motivated by learning how to
positively program your own
subconscious mind like an expert.

This seminar is for you if you feel
stuck in any of area of your life
including finances, emotions,
business, motivation, relationships or health If. . .

You want an effective way to counteract the overwhelming negativity that is so prevalent in our modern day society, or

You could use a boost of motivation, and want to learn effective ways to get yourself to take more and better action, or

You want to practice positive success conditioning and take your own motivation and quality of life to the next level.


Some Of The Things You'll Learn

Why your affirmations aren't as effective as you know they could be, and how to do them in such a way that your subconscious mind is charged with emotion and enthusiasm.

How to engineer your own breakthrough.

How to get motivated to take the actions you know you should be taking.

How to visualize your goals so they become super compelling and motivating.

Discover the laws of suggestibility and how to use them to make your suggestions, affirmations and visualizations 10 times more effective.

Why positive thinking is so ineffective so much of the time and what to do instead.

How to start manifesting what you truly want more quickly, reliably and ecologically.


Our Workshops and Programs are Different

Our attendees constantly tell us that our programs
are different from any other seminar or workshop
they've ever attended.

"A lot more practice! More personal instruction. Less pump
you up fluff. More real skill building. Better actual
techniques. More definite and lasting results. A truly
respectful approach. Lots of fun."

The Laws of Suggestibility

To learn how to really work effectively
with the subconscious mind you must
know what it responds to and why.
That's what learning the Laws of
Suggestibility will teach you.

The Laws of Suggestibility are the set of principles that
| hypnotists use to place suggestions into the
subconscious mind.

Understanding the Laws of Suggestibility is crucial
because they determine which suggestions 'stick'
and which one's don't. They are the real reason
why some affirmations and visualizations become
actions and habits and others do not.

Learning The Laws of Suggestibility, and how to
use them in your own self talk and visualizations
will make all your self administered suggestions
(auto-suggestion) significantly more powerful.

Using them in your communication with others
will increase your ability to influence.

Discover what they are, and how to use them to
communicate more effectively with your own
subconscious mind, and to have greater influence
with others.


The Amplifiers of Action™

Certain techniques can amplify your ability to take action This set of seven techniques will make
you an expert in Positive Motivational
Programming. They are the real difference
between just repeating affirmations or
visualizations and really being able to
skillfully re-program your own subconscious mind to
create permanent change.

These techniques will give you the ability to minimize
stress and stay in your optimum zone for longer periods
of time.

They will show you how to make your internal images
and self talk create the kind of ongoing, focused and
congruent actions that produce extraordinary results.

Learn the real secret of making your intentions, affirmations and visualizations trigger you into action automatically.

How to speed up the effect of your own auto-suggestions & visualizations.

How to visualize your goals so they manifest more quickly and automatically.

Learn to make optimum emotional states and the 'zone' of peak performance last longer and recur more often.

Learn to generate an unstoppable positive Motivational attitude and higher self esteem.

How to redirect negative self talk and un resourceful Motivational images.


How To Stay Positive in a Negative World

Stay positive in a negative worldThis module will show you a set of special techniques that, when used together, will empower you to stay positive and remain in your own zone of personal resourcefulness - especially in the face of the overwhelming negativity in our environment.

The exercises and hand outs will show you how to remain productive, engaged and resourceful so you can thrive through the current recession, where bad news, layoffs and struggle seem to be the message of the day.

The vast majority of people, because they lack the insights in this module, simply succumb to the overwhelming negativity of the media and the hypnotic effect of perpetual doom and gloom brainwashing. The result is a nagging feeling of anxiety about financial matters, loss of energy, vitality, and inspiration and the waste of too many opportunities to count.

It doesn't have to be that way! At The Motivational Edge you'll learn specific methods for overcoming the negativity of the mass media, and for increasing your opportunities and utilizing current conditions to thrive and prosper. It ALL starts in the mind first.

Most of all, this module will show you how to replace that feeling of fear and uncertainty with positive feelings of confidence, pleasant anticipation and out right motivation.

Visualization & Autogenic Conditioning

Autogenic conditioning is a proven method of improving performance and is widely used by world class athletes in many different sports.

Autogenic conditioning is a simple relaxation and visualization technique. In autogenics, various parts of the body are relaxed with simple phrases of language until a state of deep relaxation is obtained.

Think of autogenic training as deep relaxation combined with a very special type of guided imagery. Autogenic means self-generating.

You'll learn a way to visualize that will take your Motivational abilities to the level of a champion. The behavioral model for the method you'll learn is Top Platz, one of the greatest body builders of all time. His skill in Motivational rehearsal is simply as good as it gets.

The Bottom Line

Even champions have to practice showing up like champions.

That's what this 1 day seminar is all about. Remember, the real secret to getting extraordinary results in your outer world, is to create an unusually effective inner world.

Champions ALWAYS have a higher level motivational game! To start getting the outer results you want, you need only increase the quality of your inner conditioning.

This seminar will teach you how to have the Motivational abilities of a champion, and inspire and motivate you to begin practicing them every day. We all need a Motivational boost from time to time. The Motivational Edge seminar is your opportunity to get that, and a whole lot more.


Three HUGE Benefits You'll Receive


NLP techniques that will show you how to trigger your own motivation automatically

Optimism and resiliency patterns for staying more positive and productive

How to use visualization to achieve your goals more rapidly



Have the Mind Set of a Champion . . .

and You'll Produce Results Like One

You'll learn some of the most effective methods ever devised for increasing your confidence and self esteem, learning how to get motivated, creating new habits, and experiencing a positive mental attitude more of the time.

This is more than the usual get motivated seminar. You'll learn proven strategies that have been modeled from world class athletes, foremost artists and some of the most successful business people in the world including billionaires straight off the Forbes 400 list.

Identify & Elicit Your Own Motivation Strategy

One of the greatest secrets of motivation is that everyone is motivated DIFFERENTLY. People are not all motivated the same way.

One reason you may not be as motivated to take the actions you want to be taking is because you have not yet discovered how to identify and use your own unique motivation strategy.

Identify your own motivation strategy and it's syntax

Learn how to trigger your motivation strategy at will

Discover how to STOP motivating yourself and use 'down time'

Understand how others are motivated and use THEIR motivation strategy to help motivate them to act.


More Than The Usual "Pump You Up"

Conditioning Positive Success PrinciplesThe Motivational Edge, like all our trainings is all about skill building in a fun learning environment.

And that makes ALL the difference. 50% to 75% of the time you spend in this seminar you will be practicing specific techniques.

The Motivational Edge Seminar is packed with round robin exercises, networking sessions and workshop style practices. You'll actually cultivate a new set of skills on the spot and apply them to your current challenges and goals in the seminar itself.

The result is that you will have more than just a 'pump you up' experience.

You will learn HOW to get motivated and HOW to trigger yourself into action, and HOW to continue that action long after the seminar is over.


Three Proven Interventions

Secrets of Positive Conditioning

This part of the seminar will teach you a set of highly effective techniques for programming your subconscious mind, how to do them and why they're so effective.

These insights come from 19 years of NLP practice and from modeling several world class athletes, executives and extremely wealthy and successful people.

They will help you:

Feel better every single day of your life and have a more positive mental attitude on a daily basis.

Make new habits stick and have permanence.

Condition yourself to take more outcome oriented actions, more often, more easily and in more areas of your life.

Cause your affirmations and visualizations to start manifesting more quickly and automatically.

Learn how to eliminate negative memories and turn unwanted self talk and images into catalysts for greater success.


How to STAY Motivated

Champions have specific ways of thinking and acting that can be learnedBy motivated, we don't mean just pumped up emotionally. We mean positively motivated to take ACTION.

This unique process will show you how to STAY motivated long after this seminar is over.

This NLP technique is the real secret of getting extraordinary results. It's what you do on a regular basis that matters and really changes your life.

This module will show you how to:

Get yourself to exercise regularly and make it easier than ever before.

Increase your level of personal self confidence in your ability to attain your desires.

Make self-discipline easier to do.

Identify what's been preventing you from creating certain habits you KNOW would be good for you but that you aren't doing.

Focus on and complete your most important priorities more often.

Identify your most critical success factors and condition yourself to practice and use them on a regular basis.


The Optimism Habit

Based on over 20 years of research and the work of Dr. Martin Selligman, these simple techniques will increase your resilience and ability to bounce back after temporary setbacks and disappointments.

By learning these simple habits, you'll come to explain things to yourself in a way that produces a measurable difference in your over all level of optimism.


Your Instructor

Alexander Van Buren Alexander Van Buren has devoted 26 years to mastering the art and skill of positive Motivational programming.

He has extensive training in hypnotherapy, NLP and behavioral modeling and has taught personal and professional development courses on a weekly basis for over 19 years.

He is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming and the inventor of over 100 original patterns of excellence.

Van Buren is the author of This One Thing and Mastering The Mental Game. His original work has been published in Anchorpoint magazine, The Sourcebook of NLP and The Big Book of NLP.

Some of his students travel repeatedly from as far as the Netherlands to train with him in person.

Alexander has presented for the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University on the subjects of hypnosis and peak performance.

His clients include Toshiba, Bluegreen Corporation, Pulte Del Web, Moretrench Corporation, The US Iowa National Guard, Sinclair Broadcasting, Marriott's Grand Chateau, Paramount Home Entertainment, Texas Corporate Planners, The Army Corps of Engineers and many more.


Seating is Limited

This seminar is limited to the first 75 people who enroll. It nearly always sells out so be sure to lock in your seat ASAP.



When, Where and How Much

About to be scheduled

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Our training facility in Dallas
320 Decker Drive, Irving TX

How Much
Early bird tuition is now just $597 for both days.


Our 100% Guarantee

After attending this training, if you're not completely satisfied it was well worth your investment of time and money, just let us know before you leave and we'll refund your entire tuition.


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