Management Seminars in Dallas


Management Seminars and Trainings in Dallas
The modules below can be customized into a
management seminar especially for your team.

Call us to discuss the curriculum and how it
can best be adjusted to bring out the best
in your managers.

Half day and full day formats are available.

The Art of Delegating

This module includes a complete model for delegatingeffectively. The process was modeled from a senior executive at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California.

It will show you how to assign responsibility make certain your direct report is reporting to you appropriately, make sure projects and assignmentsare on time and under budget and much more.

Deciding what to delegate and to whom

Language for delegating to others

How to avoid micro-managing and still get things done

What to do when they report to you, and when they don't

Using comfort level VS. skill level when delegating

Special language for assigning responsibility to others

Ways to stay informed so you know they're on track

Coaching others up to higher levels of responsibility


How To Bring Out The Best In People

One definition of leadership is bringing out the best in people. Management is getting things done through people.

This module will teach you several ways of to get more from the people you supervise. It includes ways to avoid down time, deal with behavioral issues and handle poor performers.

Tips for coach your direct reports and giving them the important feedback they need are also included.


How to make the most of people's strengths

Create a culture of high performance

Giving positive feedback and praise

Ways to handle poor performers and slow starters

Involving your team in decision making

Setting goals and high standards

How to hold others accountable

How to position yourself as a resource to your team


Hiring New Employees

Learn a step by step process for interviewing prospective employees in this dynamic interactive module. Role play interviews, learn to ask more and better questions and set up a 'Success Profile' for any position.

How to organize highly effective interviews

Questions to ask candidates

The top 10 rules for interviewing others

Create and use a 'success profile'

How to make interviewing others more enjoyable

'Always' be interviewing

Where to find highly talented candidates

How to get a new hire off to a good start


Techniques for Motivating Others

Part of bringing out the best in other people is motivating them to act on their own.

This module will show you how to create buy-in and get people focused on specific goals and initiates in a positive way. You'll also learn how to identify other people's motivation style and use it to compel them to action more often.

A 4 step coaching process

Performance reviews that really work

How to assess strengths & weaknesses

How to motivate different personality types

Dealing with poor performers

Ways to get others to be more self motivated

Identify & cultivate unique talent within your organization


Handling Management Problems & Difficult People

Learn how to handle the most common problems that mangers face.
Role play new responses to management challenges.

Specific strategies for handling difficult personalities

Simple stress management tools that work

What to do when people shut down

How to get more buy-in up front

Get more cooperation and teamwork

How to earn respect and handle authority

7 ways to respond when things go wrong

An effective problem solving method

Identifying problems before they get out of hand

Giving consequences and warnings


Maximizing Productivity and Meeting Deadlines

Managing your time well is one of the most critical skills of being a good manager.

The insights in this module are drawn from our Time Management Seminar and are custom designed for managers.

Learn how to schedule and prioritize input from your direct reports so you're always informed of the status of important projects. Identify and track your priorities and organize your day more effectively.

Time management for managers

Renewal techniques for avoiding burn-out

Simple ways to stay on target and under budget

How to know your 'critical path' items

Putting key players in the right position

Challenging people to give their all

Inject resources for meeting deadlines

How to inspire others to exceed expectations


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