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Leadership Training


Customized leadership training in Dallas TexasThe topics on this page can be customized
into half day, full day and multi-day trainings or consulting sessions for you.

These are advanced leadership modules for raising specific skill sets. Hand outs and exercises are included in every section of the training.


Cultivating Extraordinary Vision

Vision inspires, motivates and transforms purpose into action. All great leaders have uncommon vision and the ability to convey that vision to others.


How to clarify your own vision

How to add power to your vision and 'charge it' with energy

How to communicate your vision

Use your vision to induce enthusiasm and commitment

How to make your vision more compelling

Causing your vision pull people toward you

The art of capturing and leading the imagination of others, including scripts and language patterns, use of metaphors and stories and utilization of other people's individual motivation strategies

The structure of uncommon persistence and determination and why and how to acquire these two important traits

The Values Dashboard™
is an original model created by Alexander Van Buren. It is a method for ensuring you are consistently living your highest values in every area of your life and was created using a system being utilized by the chief information officer at Hitachi for managing all the critical functions in an organization.

Watson's Vision™
The precise mental syntax used by Tom Watson, founder of IBM, for consistently aligning actions with the vision of an organization. It's a superlative way to keep any organization on track day in and day out.

Ways to modify The Watson's Vision strategy for your self are covered in detail so you can use it to create your own way of moving through the world with your vision especially salient at all times.


Advanced Communication Strategies for Leaders

Mastery of communication is synonymous with leadership. Great leadership requires great communication skills.

Getting the message out to every level of an organization, shaping meaning and capturing the imagination of others are all essential, if people are to be aligned behind the overarching goals of an organization.


Framing skills for pre framing, re framing

De framing and post framing skills

Advanced sensory acuity skills

Influencing and organizing meaning in an organization

Maximizing your own natural communication style

How to condition patterns into your organization



How to identify and utilize the precise structure of other people's maps of the world for attaining goals, improving communication, solving problems and much more

Using synesthesia (overlapping senses) to influence, motivate, inspire and transform and bring out the best in people

Using symbols and visual demonstrations to communicate, change beliefs and demonstrate priorities and values

Establishing trust, increasing credibility, making your positions clear and making them known

Communicating a consistent set of values and a clear direction by your actions, speech and your own example

Create your optimum communication state to use as a platform to shift to the optimum emotional states for communicating to different people and groups in different environments


Obsession With Outcome and Results

The best leaders are not outcome oriented. They are outcome obsessed. It's that simple.

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Bill Gates was asked what the single most important quality in a human being is. His answer was . . . FOCUS.

This module will teach you a set of patterns for cultivating unparalleled and undeviating focus and attention to outcome.

How to combine intensity and commitment to get results

Demonstrating values

Traits that demonstrate Leadership

How to continuously operate with your outcome in mind

Your bottom line process & how to guarantee progress

5 ways to establish and improve credibility

Threats to your leadership and how to handle them

How to get people aligned behind the organization's goals

Running a personnel system and finding out who's better

Cultivating unparalleled and undeviating attention to outcome



How to amplify your own obsession with your vision while maintaining balance and personal life balance and ecology

Goal Setting For Increasing Sales & Profit™
This process was modeled from the senior executive of a highly successful 200 million dollar a year public corporation. It's a method for getting others to set their own sales and volume goals, track them impeccably, and have them take uncommon responsibility for achieving their own goals.

Gates' Mind™ is a complete model based on the published work of Bill Gates of Microsoft. It will teach you his mind set, assumptions and beliefs for running an organization, gathering information, controlling critical organizational functions, solving problems, and acquiring and maintaining a sustained competitive advantage.



Finding and Keeping The Best People

This section will show you strategies for keeping the most important positions in your organization filled with the best people - all the time.

Methods for hiring the best people and retaining the best people are included, along with scripts and processes for improving your interviewing skills.

How to identify the traits and skills you need

Scripts and interview techniques for hiring champions

7 ways to retain the best people

Keeping employees motivated

How to avoid burning your best people out

How to get honest feedback from your employees

Group interviewing techniques

Where to find the best people

Creating self sustaining cultures



Time Management

Please see our time management training for modules we customize especially for leaders and managers.


Learning and Improvement Culture

Implement elements of Kaizen into your organization

Suggestion boxes and how to use them

Methods from Gemba Kaizen

The 4 ways to create a desire to improve

Language for managers for conditioning improvement

Get your people to search for problems and welcome them

The 'Bad News' method - turn bad news into good news

How to get a section of your organization to improve on it's own

Special Applications of Kaizen™ is a custom designed set of learning, improvement and problem solving patterns from Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen and are based on the work of Masaaki Imai. They are ideal for developed the incremental improvement habit and an over all learning culture in an organization.



Delegating With Skill

Management has been defined as the ability to get things done through people. One of the singular most important skills every manager must develop is the ability to delegate effectively in order to achieve specific outcomes and results.

This module will teach you some of the finest methods available for delegating along with a specific set of patterns behaviorally modeled from
an exceptionally effective manager.

Planning, organizing, motivating and controlling

Evaluating your own delegating skills

Preparing to delegate - what you need to know

Selecting the right person

Language and techniques for making the delegation

Setting up the delegation so it works

Getting people to report on time every time

Potential delegation problems and how to solve them

How to use delegation to manage change

Coaching employees in problem solving and decision making

The 5 levels of authority

Maximizing your executive assistant - specific strategies



The Levels of Leverage™. is a way to coach people up the levels of managerial leverage more quickly. At it's highest level, it's a way for executives to shift entire classes of decision making and responsibility to others. The result is a hand off of leadership and entire sections of an organization to the most qualified people.

Delegating Like The Best™ will teach you the specific language, thinking patterns and actions for delegating that were behaviorally modeled from a senior executive at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.



Decision Making and Problem Solving

This module will teach you a 7 step decision making and problem solving sequence behaviorally modeled over a two year period.

At the cognitive level, (the actual set of steps you go through mentally) the process for making good decisions and solving problems is the same. When you make a good decision, you always solve a problem. And when you solve a problem well, you always make a good decision.

The Leader's Decision Making Process™
is a 7 step decision making and problem solving sequence based on the work of Peter Drucker and two exceptional decision makers, both of whom are CEO's of fortune 500 companies.

Taking on the tough issues

Asking the tough questions on a regular basis

Sharing best practices

Using technology to facilitate attainment of priority outcomes

Developing Strengths

How to identify gifts in others

How to turn gifts into strengths

Identifying individual weaknesses - a 5 step process

Acquiring extraordinary curiosity and the desire to learn

How to manage around weaknesses



How to maximize other people's strengths for organizational and team success - a 4 step process

The 3 most effective ways to get someone to recognize and develop their own strengths

How to determine the precise strengths you need in your organization at any point in time

How to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and what to do about them

How to identify the core strengths and abilities in your organization and use them to design a unique value chain and competitive advantage

Strengths All The Way™ is a model built from extracting the beliefs, assumptions, language and patterns of several exceptional managers who have a gift for identifying and utilizing the strengths of others to attain an overarching organizational vision.


Handouts & Exercises

Special hand outs and experiential exercises are included in every module of our leadership and management speaking trainings.

Training Formats

The leadership and management modules on this page can be structured into half day, full day and multi-day trainings and will be custom designed for you based on an assessment of your organization's structure, goals, and existing management and leadership.



Your Trainer

Your trainer is Alexander Van Buren, the founder and president of, along with our hand picked team of Dallas area leadership trainers.


When, Where and How Much

This training can be scheduled at our mutual convenience.

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Please call us at 800-622-5630 for special group rates and special consulting packages for individuals.

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