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"I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance. This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients."

Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor
Bosley Medical Group



"The communication segment was "Wow"!

The communication patterning will help me become a better sales person and manager. These patterns will help me economize the interaction between our people and clients.

I will use all the information. My USP will become effective immediately!"

Pat Miller, Sinclair Broadcasting
The CW Las Vegas & My LV TV


"This coaching has been extremely useful in several presentations I've had to make, some of which included the communication of difficult news. Your techniques really work."

Chris Hanes, General Manager
Del Web




Seminars, Training and Coaching in Dallas Texas

Leadership Trainings in Dallas


Choose from the modules below, and our Dallas based leadership trainer will create a custom designed half day or full day leadership seminar especially for your team.

This training is custom designed for your group. Exercises, handouts and role playing are included.


Download the Syllabus



Evaluating Your Leadership Strengths & Weaknesses


Advanced time management for executives

Evaluate your leadership skills using a set of criteria

Methods for managing around your weaknesses

How to maximize your strengths

Do you ask the hard questions?

Making the most of your leadership style

Identify your best opportunities for being a better leader

How to develop new traits & habits



Decision Making & Problem Solving

How to know which decisions are most important

What criteria must be used for important decisions

Getting input and buy in from key players

Improve your problem solving

Implement your decisions with more tact & effectiveness

Helping others make better decisions

Ways to follow through and attain completion



Implementing Strategic Initiatives

Choosing where to focus resources

Identifying key players for specific initiatives

Assessing the most likely risk factors

Setting goals, targets and milestones

Conducting progress checks; planned VS. actual

How to make in-time course corrections that work

Strategy VS. tactics



Improving Performance

A 4 step coaching process

Performance reviews that really work

How to assess strengths & weaknesses

How to motivate different personality types

Dealing with poor performers

Ways to get others to be more self motivated

Identify & cultivate unique talent within your organization



Leading Teams

How to identify the right set of team members

5 things that get a team to bond together

Setting team guidelines, goals and responsibilities

Set your team up to win from the beginning

Handle team problems before they get out of control

3 ways to maintain team momentum & productivity

Assessing team performance



Communicating Like a Leader

Communicating expectations clearly & precisely

How to hold others accountable

How to make your vision very compelling to others

Language that helps bring out the best in people

Speaking with elegant authority

How to recognize important non-verbal messages

What to say to disrupters, complainers & bad apples




Deciding what to delegate and to whom

Assigning the delegation

How to avoid micro-managing and still get it done

What to do when they report to you, and when they don't

Using comfort level VS. skill level when delegating

Special language for assigning responsibility to others

Ways to stay informed so you know they're on track

Coaching others up to higher levels of responsibility



Hiring and Developing People

How to organize highly effective interviews

Questions to ask candidates

The top 10 rules for interviewing others

Create and use a 'success profile'

How to make interviewing others more enjoyable

'Always' be interviewing

Where to find highly talented candidates

How to get a new hire off to a good start


Bring This Training to Your Organization

To Inquire by phone call 800-622-5630.

To inquire online click on Online seminar inquiry.


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Life Coaching

Become a Life Coach in Dallas TX

Become a Certified Life Coach at our life coaching trainings in Dallas TX.
Life Coach Certification


Customer Service

Customer Service Trainnings

This customer service training will teach you how to consistently deliver GREAT customer service.
Customer Service

Human Resources

Human Resources Seminars in Dallas TX

Our human resources seminars include extensive HR skill building modules.
Human Resources

Project Management

Project Management Trainings in Dallas

Learn to plan, control, and manage multiple projects in this half day or full day training.
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Management Seminars in Dallas

Our management seminars are ideal for first time managers and experienced executives.

Sales Training

Sales Trainings in Dallas TX

This unique sales training will teach you a special set of skills that quantum leap the ability to sell. Past students of this training have risen to the top of regional and national sales forces.
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Marketing Seminars

Marketing Seminars in Dallas TX

Our Marketing Seminars include a numerous marketing techniques and proven lead generation strategies.

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