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Internet Marketing Seminars and Trainings in Dallas

This 1 Day Internet Marketing Seminar Will Teach You How To Sell
More of Your Products and Services Over the Internet . . . Guaranteed!

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Where: Our workshop in Dallas
How Much: $297 per person
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Seminar Overview

Internet Marketing Seminar and Training This seminar is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to sell more of their own products and services over the internet.

This seminarwill help you increase traffic to your web site, convert more of your visitors into paying customers.

Sell more products and services online than ever before!

Learn tools you can use to build your own internet marketing

It includes everything you need to know to set up your own internet marketing campaigns and then run them yourself or put a web master in charge of them.

If you want to sell more of your products and services over the internet, this training is for you!


Make Your Web Site Make More Money

This module includes a special set of tips and techniques to give to your web master. Once they're added to your web site, it will produce more and better inquiries than ever before.

How to build a profit generating web site
Why your web site isn't making as much as it could
5 keys to having a profit generating web site built
Creating your online marketing and sales strategy
How to make your site 'sticky' so visitors return often
Using audio and video online
Why good copy writing is essential and how to get it
The sales page, squeeze page and opt in methods
How to hire web site designers and programmers


Turn Web Site Visitors Into Customers

The term CONVERSION refers to the process of taking a unique visitor to your web site and 'converting' them into a happy customer. In other words, making a sale online.

The top 10 ways to increase conversion on any web site
'Conversion Architecture' - what it is and how to use it
The online up sell, cross sell, and point of sale promotion
Using copy writing to sell more
On-line and offline advertising methods
Create your own online continuity program
Learn the secret of constructing landing pages
The 7 things EVERY landing page must have
Mistakes people make on their landing pages
How to create 'conversion architecture

Increase Your Back End Sales

Increase Back-End Internet SalesThe 'Back End' is a set of higher priced products and services.

Attend the most advanced internet marketing conferences and you'll hear the refrain over and over from the most successful internet marketers in the country: "The money is in the back end."

Learn the importance of creating back end products
Plan out your entire back end line of products & services
Create bundles, up-sells, down-sells, point of sale offers
Design front end to back end click through paths
How to use auto responders and fulfillment companies

Web Page Copy Writing

Copywriting Workshop
This module is a mini-copy writing crash course that, in itself, is worth many times the admission price of this seminar.

Why is copy writing so important? It is the words on the pages that cause people to buy.

And the art of writing words that make people WANT to buy what you have to offer . . . is Copy Writing.

Re-write one of your current web pages with new copy
The AIDA method and how to use it
Why benefits won't always compel them, and what does
The art of writing better headlines
Learn how to write compelling offers
Writing up sells, cross sells and point of purchase offers
How to create urgency to buy
The secret of 5-star copy writing
Samples of some of the best copy writing


How to Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

Learn the newest and most effective ways to get more traffic to your web site.

How to use blogs to get traffic
How to use organic search for much greater ROI
The best offline methods for generating traffic
Directories and search engine submission
Clicks vs unique visitors and link farms
What Google really wants and how to always know
Set up your traffic generating plan so you know what to do
Online affiliate programs
The 8 most effective ways to generate unique visitors
The mistakes to avoid when trying to get traffic
How to get quality in-bound links

E-commerce Web Site Design For Less

Learn what makes a good e-commerce site and how to convert your own web site into more of a sales and marketing engine on the internet.

Shopping carts
Auto responders
Click through offers and up selling
Steaming audio and video
Squeeze pages and how to make them
Why opt in pages are so effective and how to make them
Writing sales pages and testing them
7 rules of selling online
Affordable ways to get or create an e-commerce web site

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

This module will teach you the basics of SEO and pay per click advertising online.

While SEO is an advanced and complicated subject, it's still very useful to know the basics.


How to generate a list of key words
Tracking your rankings and improving them
The 3 BEST ways to rank higher in search engines
What are the algorithms and what can you do with them
How to optimize a web page for the search engines
How to set up a simple pay per click campaign
Tracking multiple pay per click campaigns

Reach Your Target Market Online

What is quality traffic for your web site? Your target markets are reachable if you know how to find them.

Learn how to identify your target markets online, where they are and how to get in front of them with compelling offers.

How to use analytics to track visitors and target markets
Using FREE keyword tools to find your niche markets
What is conversion architecture, what will it do for you
Create web pages that attract your best customers
How to use email to make more sales
Lists, acquiring lists, building your own lists



All the best internet marketing experts are obsessed with testing. Learn how to use simple testing techniques that will help you optimize every part of your online marketing.

Learn why testing is so essential online and how to do it
Simple A/B split testing
How to use the information you learn from your tests
The 1 thing you should test first, before anything else
Beta testing - what is it and what it can do for you
Automating split tests online

Plan Your Internet Marketing Campaign

You'll build your own custom designed internet marketing plan during this seminar. We'll help you create the step by step actions you'll take and get yourself to follow through.


Our 100% Guarantee

After attending this Dallas Internet Marketing training, if you're not completely satisfied it was well worth your investment of time and money, just let us know before you leave and we'll refund your entire tuition.


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